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Where to begin with this one. It's basically my nightmare scenario for a TV purchase.

Spending thousands of dollars on a nice TV only to find that it is broken, and the company you purchased it from refuses to take it back. I ordered the 2018 LG C8 TV from AAFES/Exchange online, excited to find such a good price on a TV like this. I carefully watched the product as it made its way through various shipping facilities until it arrived in my hometown. Once there, I waited 2-3 days to get a call from the company SEKO to schedule a delivery.

It never came. I decided to call US Home Delivery Hotline listed on the Exchange website. I must have reached their HQ because they had to transfer me to the local facility. I found out that I would have to wait 2-3 weeks for the delivery to my home.

Lucky for me, I was informed that they let you pick it up and take it home.... Even more fortunate, the warehouse was only 20-30 min away. I set up a pickup time and drove there after work, just before closing, still in uniform. The workers quickly took it out of the building after I arrived and put it in my car.

Another walked up to me and told me to sign this paper stating that I had picked it up. I looked at the TV box and it seemed to be in good condition. I signed it and took it home. What I didn't know was that I had just given up the ability to return the product if it were broken.

A very important piece of information that the company fails to share with people. I took it home, carefully unpacked it, and mounted it on the wall, leaving most of the packing on it to prevent fingerprints. It was then that I removed the white styrofoam paper from the front of the TV and saw that the bottom right corner was crumpled in. The TV would not even turn on.

I quickly called customer service and created a return request. In the end, they refused to accept the TV because I picked it up from the warehouse. I spoke with someone in their escalation department named Cindy who told me that if I had let them deliver the broken TV, I would have been able to return it. This makes no sense to me.

The customer service representatives on the other hand, seemed to make it a point to show me that it makes perfect sense to everyone else. If I had let them deliver the broken TV, drop it off and leave, the return would be accepted, even if I opened the box and found it damaged after they left. This, instead of me taking the box home myself and opening it to find the damage. Looking at the box you can't even tell it is damaged the way it is on the inside, I would have accepted the drop off after a quick inspection all the same.

You can't even see the damage unless you pull the TV out of the box and place it on the stand or on the wall. The styrofoam "padding" covers the damaged, bottom right corner. I worked at Best Buy for 6 yrs in Home Theatre and I have seen many TV boxes in various conditions. I know when to refuse something.

Cindy told me that there is no solution to the situation. She told me that I should have taken the TV completely out of the box at the warehouse and carefully inspected it or let them deliver. I stated that I would never have picked up the TV if I knew I wouldn't be able to return it and was told that I should have called them instead of the Home Delivery Hotline, conveniently listed at the bottom of the page below your order tracking information, and they would have told me. I now have a 65 inch TV that is no better than a paperweight.

I am not an officer, a 65 inch OLED TV on an E5 salary is not chump change. I never thought the AAFES Exchange would treat customers like this. A normal business would have accepted the return and respected the customer. I cant recommend dealing with them.

Again, the company they use for their deliveries is named SEKO Logistics. I have a feeling the TV was damaged before they even got their hands on it so it is difficult to comment on that. I do know that there is a serious disconnect between both companies if SEKO if allowing customers to pick up products, knowing it is voiding the return policy with AAFES if they are damaged.

Who knows though with a company like this. If I had let them deliver it and I found it damaged, they may have found another reason to refuse the return anyway.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Oled65C8Pua Tv.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $2699.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Aafes Exchange Cons: Poor, Shady return policy, Poor customer service, Poor deliver service, Shady business practicies.

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This is the tip of the iceberg. I have had over years of abuses by Employees of Affes at all levels .The seem to promote a Toxic environment.

It much worse ,For US Customers overseas. Black Marketing plays a role in this scheme. entrapments designed for unsuspecting arrivals to net assignments at Facilities by local venders= BLACK MARKETING RING NETWORKS operations. Complaints or returns upset the flow and if you are at a location long term .bullying harassment false complaints to COMMANDERS IS A plan A .

Plan B is network covert retaliations. extending into all departments ,mail club COMMASSARY ETC.

us personal manipulation's seductions etc. There must be a shift in this predatory practice , it is the same as BANKS mortgage lenders LEMON car sales and the like.

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