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AAFES Exchanges Auctions is not run by AAFES, nor does it have anything to do with AAFES. It's run by a company that "used" to call themselves "Always At Market".

The items in AAFES auctions are the same as most of the items carried by ALL of At Market's auctions. Also, the $10 free "Bid Bucks" that

AAFES acts like is a big deal and a military benefit, you can get from ANY At Market auction site. There is nothing special about AAFES Exchange Auctions. In fact, they don't even run the site!

So, the "do not resell" is about irrelevant as well, since the auctions have NOTHING TO DO WITH AAFES STOCK OR INVENTORY. Ok...

Now, I can stop. I've put in my 130 words worth!

Monetary Loss: $1250.

Location: Junction City, Kansas

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Oh yeah, don't waste your money buying any of their "high end" watches. I bought 5 different watches for gifts, all during different auctions with "compare prices" of between $900-$1500 values.

ALL OF THESE WATCHES ARE $10 MADE IN CHINA FLEA MARKET WATCHES. They put them in the exact same semi fancy box, regardless of brand name, so you know they are coming from one warehouse full of *** watches. Most of the ones I got still had a Made In China sticker on them. Again, they are all $10 flea market watches.

Don't waste your money, they aren't even worth the shipping cost. I can't believe AAFES is involved with this scam.


While it's true that AAFES is "partnered" with Always at Auction, it's too bad they choose to keep that partnership. The collectibles section is one that I really did like. However, I never purchased anything that I could not verify as real, prior to purchasing it.

AAFES also has interesting vendors in it's hallways as well. Perhaps some of those vendors should be looked into as well.

It's true that you're known for the company you keep. If only AAFES would pay attention and stop harming soldiers and their families by allowing such garbage to be sold to them.


I also was fleeced by this company because I believed that AAFES was selling these products directly. I've contacted the AAFES commander directly at AAFES Headquarters (214-312-**** option 3) and I urge all of you to do the same. Let's get this sham of a website off of the AAFES website before any other soldiers get ripped off!


This is a partnership between At Auctions and AAFES.

I can attest to the bad customer service.

After many weeks I am finding it impossible to get a refund for a defective watch. I would stay far away from this company.

I can't understand why AAFES would get within 10 miles of them. :sigh


The Exchange Auction people are not offering any sort of discount to the military. That's what I thought AAFES was all about.

Saving those that "HONORABLY" and "SELFLESSLY" serve our country.

Always at Auction, auctions at Coupon Cabin and there's another one that's a mirror site to Always at Auction do nothing but rip off the consumer. I don't know about the authenticity of sports memorabilia, but I do know that they really rip people off with their shipping charges. Asking $14.95 to ship a 13 oz figurine is way out of line.

I can understand if you want to bid high to receive an item you really want, but then, you have to face nearly MURDEROUS shipping fees!

For the military, shipping should at LEAST be reasonable! :(


I reported the junk to AAFES as well. I also pieced together a bunch of auction copies along with some samples and I have been in touch with the Army Times.

Soldiers being ripped of. I have contacted both AAFES and Always At Auction. Both aware of the many, many complaints and the very good possibility that these are not authentic. Comfortable selling anyway since they can blame the fakes on somebody else.

They spend more time trying to create rumors of PSA/JSA trying to monopolize the market and discredit the losers they have authenticating this junk...STAT, Burcyck(who's COA is as fake as the autographs), AAU, Drew Max, TTA. All crooks.


It has everything to do with AAFES. It is not AAFES products, however they are partnered with them and promoting the auction site on AAFES website.

People and businesses are judged by the company that you keep. The auction site is also selling forged autogrphed sports memorabilia. The companies that "authenticate" the signatures are frauds. Real collectors wont touch this junk.

Ebay has them on their banned list. I reported this to AAFES, they seemed disinterested.

So, i will just shop elsewhere i guess. lesson learned.


I won the bid for 2 different watches and they are ***. The auction uses a "supposed to be" msrp to estimate the worth of the product and it's worth about 1/10 of that.

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