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I was bidding on a watch and the bid was $56.00 I had 3 hours left, so I set my max bid to what I thought was $76.00 I received an e-amil that my max bid was $7600.00 I frantically tried to call the customer service to retract the bid...if you look closely at the web site it does not allow for you to retract and error bid. After the auction ended I received an e-amil that I had won the bid for $7600.00 The *** company tried to charge my credit card for $7600.00 even though the lowest and winning bid was $56.00.

What a Rip Off!!!

AAFES should be assamed of themselves for supporting such types of companies to do business with veterans. One pissed off never again customer.

Location: Seoul, Kyonggi-Do

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It sounds like you screwed up not AAFES. leanr how to use a PC or get some glasses.

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