I will NO LONGER buy AAFES items online.

In May of 2013, I bought 3 items from AAFES online:

-$379 Dell Inspiron laptop

-$269 PICO Projector

-$69 Hardshell Backpack for laptop

I received the laptop but the operating system was so horrible (Windows 8), that I shipped it back to AAFES and requested a refund (received).

I received the PICO projector but it wouldn't work (projector lit up, but NO PICTURE). There were multiple connection choices and I tried all of them. When I plugged in the projector's cable to the VGA connection on my brand new laptop, IT BLEW UP MY LAPTOP!!! The video card was totally fried and I had to pay $225 to get my laptop repaired at a local shop. There was NO warning label on AAFES' advertisement, or with the projector, about incompatibility or hardware issues for a regular Dell Latitude (Windows 7 OS, 64-bit). I also realized that the projector was built very poorly, most likely with cheap, low-end circuitry. Thank god I received a refund for this item too (though I'm not happy that I had to pay for expensive shipping costs, to return the laptop and projector).

However, I never received the backpack that I had paid for. I checked online and tracked the backpack shipment, which showed a status of "received" -- to a completely different city! I called AAFES Customer Service and the rep emailed a "Letter of Non-Receipt" to me, which I was instructed to print, sign and fax, to receive a refund. I did so, but never received a refund. I called one month later, and had to request another "Letter of Non-Receipt" letter to sign. This time, I am sending it via postal mail. Hopefully I'll get my refund, but what a waste of my time -- having to jump through all of these hoops, just to ensure that I am compensated for returning these poor-performance products.

I also checked my STAR/ AAFES credit card account balance online, and even though I've made $710 worth of payments, from January to August of 2013 (with $171 going towards fluctuating interest payments, which SHOULD have remained at a steady 10.24% but clearly did NOT, during this 8-month period!), my balance only reflects payments worth $402 -- "What in da heezy?!" Where is the remaining $137 that should have been credited to my account? Now I have to spend MORE time disputing these charges, by writing a formal letter and submitting proof to support my claim. UGH, I can think of better ways to spend a Saturday night.

Customer Service phone reps are also rude and incompetent.

If I ever want to buy online again, I will stick with Amazon.com, or buy directly from a local shop.

Monetary Loss: $362.

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