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I would like to bring to everyone's attention that the autographs that are "certified authentic" on the AAFES auction website are fake/forged. The primary two that AAFES uses is TTA Authentic and Chris Morales. Both of which have a horrible reputation with autograph authentication. TTA Authentic has changed their name from STAT Authentic which was plagued with consumer complaints and had a bad reputation so they changed their name. I have personally sent items to the leaders in authentication PSA/DNA and JSA and they have both returned my item as FAKE that was authenticated by Chris Morales. His answer to my email is that he does his best and its his opinion. Gee, thanks Chris for your wonderful opinion on my fake item. i have notified AAFES and received an email that can be summed up by AAFES telling me I was wrong and the items are authentic.

Question: How can AAFES have auction after auction of memorabilia items signed by deceased Hall of Famers and they all look brand new? Answer: Their forged.

No other legitimate auction house or collector will accept, use or sell items authenticated by TTA (STAT Authentic) or Chris Morales.

AAFES your memorabilia auctions are a fraud and you continue to bilk money from the very people you should be helping with fakes and frauds. Please don't by these items and get robbed.

Monetary Loss: $182.

Location: Mesa, Arizona

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I bought a Mantle one form these ***. Actually, I'm the *** one for actually thinking AAFES would have authentic items.


I also got ripped off by AAFES Auctions. I won 6 different autographed base ball photographs by different players, all authenticated by TTA Stat Authentic (Ted Taylor). I tried posting these pieces of *** on EBay, and found out they ere phony.


I too fell for the scam at the Exchange Auction. I was oh so lucky to win the bid on an autographed photo of Mickey Mantle.

I was new to the auction site...but expected that Aafes would be a reputable site to deal with. Wow was I surprised!

And I am extemely disappointed! :cry


They Have gotten me too. I noticed that the sports stuff on the AAFEES has been removed and they are not selling any more...kinda strange....I wonder if I can make AAFEES buy all my junk! :cry


People should not only submit complaints to AAFES, but also send a copy of those complaints to your congressman. AAFES is an agency within the Defense Dept. Contacting your congressman will probably get more of a response than the complaint directly to AAFES will.


I too bought some Autographed items "Authenticated" by TTA... I emailed the "Exchange Auctions" people and am awaiting their reply.

I outlined everything I have found online about them and do not expect a favorable reply... but we'll see.

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