Worst of the worst is there Customer Service, deceitful, misleading, mis informed, unresponsive , inconsistent. Secondly, logistics, 80 percent of the time they have no idea where you stuff is, why it’s still at the Fullfillet just a mess, thirdly, most prices for most items can be found cheaper at other Big Box Stores.

Ridiculous. Their Price matching feature would be. Eveddary on every item if you wanted to take thebthe time or make ordering with these screwed up people a major project in frustration. Additionally sale items are often backordered the day they go on sale.

A disgrace and not a benefit that should be enjoyed by the men and woman who dedicated their lives to Servicevto our country and those at AAFES on line who blantantly abuse and confront those they are supposed to be serving . Parallel to the VA a disgrace, shameful with a let them die attitude

Product or Service Mentioned: Aafes Exchange Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Location: Mount Laurel, New Jersey

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