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So purchased a lovely 2600$ bridal ring set from the lovely aafes and they faded after a week of wear. AAFES tried to make it right buy sending them back to manufacture and having them re rhodium-ed which the turn around was great.

However went to the site to see if my previous review was posted on the quality of the rings and they removed my negative review. Tried posting another review and they have locked me from posting reviews.

The rings after one week of wear have now returned to the ugly state bellow.

Picture taken one week after wear.


Monetary Loss: $2600.

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Don't buy a *** low tier ring set then next time.Jewelry cost money buddy.

You didn't spend enough.Sorry lol.

to Anonymous #1026323

You would be suprised to know they replaced the rings and now 2 years later all is well. And for the record your an ***. And my post was about AAFES removing neagtive comments not the price paid for the rings.

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