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Purchased the Kindle Fire HDX yesterday for $30 more than it normally sells from Amazon, who also charges NO tax. (Amazon has an additional $20 off this item, presently meaning Aafes sells it for $59 MORE.) Remembering why I never shop at Aafes.... Why must I submit...
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AAFES sucks. Everything they sell is more expensive than you can get anywhere else. Trying to get them to price match is like pulling teeth. All the exchanges need to be shut ...

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Amanda is the Exchange Manager at Fort Carson's Main Store in Colorado Springs. It is a rare occasion that she will walk by her many employees and say hello, let alone acknowledge them. Many employees have turned in suggestions to her with no reply what so ever. It...
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There is a manager named Martin at the Burger King Located on the Air Force Academy. Every time my family dines-in and Martin is working, he seems to be very aggravated with his employees and does not seem to be very customer friendly with all or any customers. It...
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I have also had issues with the Burger King on the Air Force Academy. Went through the drive through yesterday, with my order, I had 3 large drinks. Pulled to the window , pai...

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