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This is in reference to a Military Star /AAFES card. I took out a second mortgage to pay this card off.

A check was mailed to them and I thought the account was closed. A few years ago I received a bill for 2,300.00 dollars. I disputed this bill and Affes stated that the account was never paid in full. I presented legal documentation and they still kept adding interest charges and now the bill is up to over 3,000.00 dollars and now they are going to garnish my retirement check and my Social security check.

I asked for my a complete file on my account to be sent to me and thAt was 6 months ago. They also grabed my stimulis check before I even knew how much it was for. I have called the Affes office asking to speak to the Commanding Officer and I was transfered to Collections where I spoke to a girl who promished action and I received nothing. I called the Treasury Department of the US Government who takes the money out of the above checks and they will not help me.

There are laws covering all types of illegal collection actions where are the laws for the veterans of this country protecting us from this type of stealing?????

Monetary Loss: $4.

Location: Jacksonville, Florida

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