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Hi, Last year my wife and I opened two Exchange credit accounts (which have been paid off in full) for the purpose of buying a Scott Kay diamond ring. We were promised 10% off our entire first purchase, which we did not entirely get, and satisfaction guaranteed. I feel let down by my AAFES Exchange program, they sold me a $15,000.00 ring which was in poor quality and one of the diamonds fell out within a few months of extremely light use. My wife took it to several jewelry shops to get fixed but finally I said enough was enough, and I returned it to the Exchange in January of this year. I asked for a full refund of this low craftsmanship quality ring, and now the Exchange is refusing to refund my money. Furthermore the want ME to pay for repairing this ring and to ship it back to me!!! This is ABSURD!!! What kinds of products are being sold to unsuspecting military buyers?

I attempted to resolve this issue with them by email/complaint and on the phone with one of their customer service representatives, all to no avail. Additionally, She told me that they will NOT fix the ring unless I charge the repair cost on my Exchange credit (which we have paid off in full), and they will keep it unless they hear a response from me within 14 days!!!

I am requesting that my money be refunded either by the Exchange or by the Exchange credit card company, due to my dissatisfaction of the product I received and the poor customer service provided. Below is the email I sent to them:

I purchased a Scott Kay diamond ring for $14,999.00 in May of this year from your online store, order #00710****. Last month I noticed one of the little side diamonds had fallen off. I do not know what kind of warranty this ring has. But it seems to me that at this price the ring should have minimal manufacturer defects in the diamond mounting. Where can I get this defect fixed and is it covered under warranty? Thanks for your response. Sincerely, Victor Salazar

I appreciate any help in this matter, and thank you for your time.



GySgt USMC (Ret)

Monetary Loss: $15.

Location: Culpeper, Virginia

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I'm so glad that you got this resolved. No one should spend $15,000 and end up with a defective product.

You did make a mistake, though, in not understanding the return policy/warranty :( Always know the return/warranty policies before making a purchase, people!

To the idiots who are bashing this guy, grow up, and find a better hobby than internet trolling.

Capt. Fun, your grammar is so bad that I can't even make out half of what you're saying.


Thanks for your comments. AAFES Social Media has responded positively since this posting.

My ring has been fixed FREE of charge and shipped back to me free. Problem resolved!

Thanks for service AFTER the sale AAFES. Vic Salazar.


My suggestion would be to call HQ and file a command level complaint. You can also do this at your base.

Whenever they give me *** that's what I do and they always bend their rules and policies to accomodate. The squeaky wheel gets the oil.


Hey Gunney, why didn't you just return it to AAFES the first time something happened instead of taking it to a Jeweler? That was you first mistake.

Also, did you buy the keep it new? No, well that's your second mistake. If you spend 15K on a ring you did not learn very much from the Marines.

Chaulk it up and move on Sgt. Lifes too short.

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