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They mark up products and sell them to service men and women. Taking advantage of the people that sacrifice everything for their country.

We don't pay taxes but neither do they. And it really doesn't matter after the items are marked up so bad. About 90% of the employees are worthless and rude since it takes an act of congress to get anything corrected. I continue to spread the words and everyone agrees with me that AAFES is bad for the military.

We would do much better if they disolved and we went to a commercial service.

It is even worse overseas or deployed.

If this was a real company they would have been out of business a long time ago.

Location: Chantilly, Virginia

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I bought a Blackberry cellphone on the exchange auction.It seems, when I tried to get it connected with my carrier, it had been LOST or STOLEN, and therefore, could not be utilized by me!.

I would like some advice as to going about getting my money back! :(


Hello Bob, they are a rip off as you say. I have been deployed several times and the prices are no different than if you shopped on the local economy stateside.

When I was deployed and a remote assignment, we had not much of a choice but to go to AAFES and shop dealing with the rude employees and such. I stopped shopping there only for the small things.

I will never use that stinkin card again either. They are ridiculous with the APR as well.


Capt Fun- You post a comment with no idea of what you are talking about. I have been deployed 4 out of 10 years (not guam) and that does not include remotes you f***n ***.

Maybe you have been away from your family more (maybe just an AAFES worker) but don't tell me I have not sacrificed for my country.

My statement on AAFES still stands.


You Obviously have never deployed. AAFES was a sight for sore eyes after being on road for days at a time.

There are rude employees every where you go. Maybe it's its just you ***.

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