In response to the AAFES Exchange Auctions complaint I would like to reassure you and other potential customers that Exchange Auctions is not a scam. Exchange Auctions is run by AtAuction a leading provider of auction managed services. AtAuction has partnered with AAFES to bring the military community great deals on a wide variety of merchandise with $1 start bid, no reserve auctions. All products listed on the auction are legitimate products sourced from many manufactures, wholesales, distributors or retailers. Our auction buyers closely watch for opportunistic buys to bring great deals to auction.

Regarding the watches, we auction off a variety of different brands, styles, and types of watches to provide a wide variety of offerings to the customer. Each watch auction is very carefully and accurately described with information about the watch. The watch auction page describes the specific type of watch, its features and components, including movements. Swiss made watches are clearly identified as Swiss Made watches. Not all the watches are Swiss and those watches are NOT listed as Swiss watches, they main contain very high quality Chinese mechanicals. As an auction bidder you should read the product information listed on the auction page so you understand what you are bidding on.

We strive to offer a winning experience to all of our customers. We have very low return rates (less than 2%) and very high repeat customer purchase rates. If for some reason you are not happy with your auction win we are more than happy to offer a return refund. We stand by the product at auction, and want you to have a winning experience everytime.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at:

Customer Service Email: CustomerService@***.comCustomer Service Phone: 1-80*-322-**** Option 1

Thank you,

Michael Williams

Manager, Customer Service

Location: Dallas, Texas

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has anyone tried calling the number posted? i tried several times and it doesn't work.


After buying seeral things and comparing the items auctioned, to include the computers, I have determined that the real value is about 10% of the price listed, if you're lucky. Their computers are all obsolete, refurbished computers after the original business that used these computers got rid of them.

Many have 2GB of RAm and 80 GB harddrive.

Look at the configuration of new computers that are currently being sold anywhere. If you want a cheap computer, but at the AAFES auction, but don't pay a premium price because you are being ripped off.


seems like alot of military members/families are getting screwed from this. ugh..

WHY!! AAFES I will never shop from you again or send anyone your way because of this bull ***.


Total ripoff on shipping charges. AAFES should be ashamed.


I notice some of the comments that folks were upset about the sports memorabilia not being authentic because they thought the could resell at a profit. ANY AAFES products or purchases CANNOT be resold...it is illegal!!!

Some folks don't know the conditions of the privileges they receive from AAFES.


I purchased a fake signed photo of Ted Williams and Mickey Mantle. -I was VERY mad to know that AAFES was involved with that scam. I did how ever win an auction on a pretty good watch for $30-$40 which worked great for several years.

AAFES Auctions has many products misrepresented and I'm pretty sure there is an invisable proxy bidder raising the cost of the items until they meet profit margin.



Don't waste your money buying any of their "high end" watches. I bought 5 different watches for gifts, all during different auctions with "compare prices" of between $900-$1500 values. ALL OF THESE WATCHES ARE $10 MADE IN CHINA FLEA MARKET WATCHES. They put them in the exact same semi fancy box, regardless of brand name, so you know they are coming from one warehouse full of *** watches. Most of the ones I got still had a Made In China sticker on them. Again, they are all $10 flea market watches. Don't waste your money, they aren't even worth the shipping cost. I can't believe AAFES is involved with this scam.

Also, go ahead and call any reputable collector/dealer and ask about their (AtAuction's) authentication service. You'll be laughed off the phone. Nobody will touch that fake junk and it is banned from many websites already. Buyer Beware, these guys are sharks.


Please explain this (I posted earlier on military.com):

I fell for this auction with a couple items before getting wise. AAFES should be embarassed by themselves.

Right now they are selling vacation hotel packages in Panama City Beach Florida and are listing the "Compare At" price at almost double what the actual price is on the resort website. Not a sale price, not a promotion, the regular prices.

I understand their catch all explanation of the "Compare At" price cannot be a quaranteed current representation for how much you may pay for any given item. However, when it is specifically available from the one and only vendor (in this case the resort offered), it is blatant misrepresentation bordering on FRAUD to say that a $1000 hotel stay (again regular price, not sale/offer) is valued at $1995.

I thought I got a decent price on a couple things, but 35 of 36 items that I checked up on were offered everywhere else at about 10-20% of the "compare at" price that AAFES Auction basically lies about.

After my current bids expire, I will never use this site again and I'm considering no using AAFES ever again. F the troops AAFES? *** then.


Hello Michael Williams,

Please advise everyone on all the fake sports memorabilia sold by your company. This is a well known problem. However, your company continues to pass of fakes to the men and women serving our country. They think they are getting a good deal but every item seems to be fake. Our service members deserve better then this.

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