I got "hooked" on the AAFES Exchange Auctions for a couple of days and bid on a couple of things. One of them was supposedly a luxury watch.

Unfortunately, I didn't think about going through reviews on these auctioned "luxury" watches until after I won the bid. Beware of what you see on these auction sites. I found later that these watches are not exactly Swiss-made and in no way are they worth what the site says they are.

I don't think that AAFES should allow this kind of scam on its website.

A lot of the bidders spend hundreds of their hard-earned money in buying these fake things. I just hope the jewelry I won is real.

Monetary Loss: $44.

Location: Conroe, Texas

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I'm typing this inquiry in 2019 and wonder if there are any changes to the credibility of the auction site. I've purchased authenticated autographed sports paraphernalia from this site back in 2015 and hope it's credible (2-3 years after being highlighted as "faked").


This is not an AAFES website or auction


"Customers can give us a call and we’ll take care of it" this is not true...I won a bid on the watch (new) but when I got it was not functioning..I called, left voice mail ,, sent emails and I never heard from anyone


I just ripped off for $90.50. AAFES should be ashamed


Couldn't find the exhange auctions link on the AAFES website but I did find it by googling Echange Auctions. While they may have been removed from AAFES, they are still operating as Exchange Auctions commercially.

Same *** and still tied to the military exchange.

Just for the fun of it, I checked one of the trips/vacations. This one to Liki Tiki resort. It shows the MSRP being $2290. I then went to the Liki Tiki website and found I can get a one week stay for about $800.

The last bid is for $117 with 24 hours still left. I imagine by tomorrow at the end of the auction, the price will be well above $800 and then you still have to pay the taxes and fees, plus you will be under all the restrictions inposed by At Auctions (blackouts, change fees, cancellation fees (15% of purchase price), etc.

Avoid the hassle and book direct with the resort. Unless you can get the auction for under $200, I wouldn't bid on it!!!


I can't understand how the Air force and other services can allow there servicemen/women and retires to be treated in this manner. The Auction is for the most part a rip/off.

The inspector General certainly is not doing his job. If this keeps up many Military familys maybe impacted. Because sooner or later, The exchange stores will suffer and may well close for lack of business.

Maybe thats what these Generals who are doing nothing want. Namvet


I just checked the AAFES site and see the Auction is longer there. While I like the premise of an auction on AAFES, having a known scam company (At Auctions) run the auction is disgraceful.

I too have spent a lot of money expecting to recieve quality products. Unfortunately, it is all bogus. Jewelry listed with reail prices in the hundreds and thousands that don't even have gem quality stones that you couldn't find in a reputable jewelry outlet. It's bad enough the exchange service no longer provides quality, low cost items, but to then team up with a scam company to defraud military families is beyond disgusting.

AAFES started losing credibility with me over 15 years ago. I can go to virtually any civilian store and buy the same items cheaper than the exchange. I also was going to buy a shredder from AAFES through Office Depot. I went to the OD site and found the item for $80 less than offered through the echange mall OD site.

I check through a lot of other mall items and found the items were more expensive than through the regular commercial site for those stores. Just get rid of AAFES, it's a useless tool!!


Do any of the people buying coins of any kind from the Exchange Auctions realize that they can buy the exact same coins all over the internet and probably local coin shows for half the price in most cases?! How do these people get away with this nonsense?


Unfortunately I recently found the Exchange Auctions and purchased multiple "luxury" watches, jewelry, and a few coins from Exchange Auctions. Every single thing was junk and I mean junk! The jewelry was so bad my wife said she would be embarrassed to actually wear it. Some of it was broken when it arrived. The watches, 3 of them, were some of the worst examples of a watch you've ever seen. They don't keep time well, some of the buttons to control the under dials don't work at all, and most of all they just feel cheap. The coins I purchased were not at all in the condition as they were shown online. Most look like they were picked up in a parking lot. There were a few times my winning bid was flat out cancelled and I received BS emails explaining why it had happened, only to see the same item up sometimes within 48 hours. Please beware of these auctions.

The Exchange Auction site is a joke! At Auction is the contracted company that runs this site as well as their own, I have found out. People look at what they are selling in every category they have. Its all JUNK! ALL OF IT! Literally every page is knock off Chinese ***! These people are the bottom of the barrel and are happily ripping off service members. Every single person would be good to steer as far clear from this company as possible, that is unless you like your hard earned dollars taken in exchange for junk and sometimes just flat out taken!

I wish I had found this site before I bid on any of their junk!


I had purchased 3 sports autograph photos from the AAFES auction website back in 2008. I later (2012)found out these were fakes.

I emailed AAFES customer service and got no response what so ever. Horrible service with AAFES. I ended up emailing the Always at auction customer service and ended up getting a refund check for the full amount.

It took about 4 weeks to receive the refund. I had to ship all the items back them which they paid for.


I also did the exchange on a watch supposedly high end watch. it was not worth what I got it for.

it worked a couple of days and then the hands came loose. I think the items they sell are rejects that some manufactures would throw away.

I wrote an email to customer service at exchange autions and recieved no response. just another scam trying to scam the servicemembers.


Folks...you're blaming AAFES for your irresponsible purchases? All it takes is a few minutes on Google or Yahoo to find out if the item you're bidding on is worth the price of your bid.

If anyone is to blame, its yourself. Bid smart folks...watch the impulse buys or suffer the consequences of your poorly thought out purchase.


No the site operating out of the aafes site is a scam artist.. they have even been kicked out of the better business for failure to respond to complaints.

In addition every item you are charged $11.50 for shipping... and they will ship multiple wins in one envelope... costing less than the $11.50..

they are scammers that have attached themselves to AAFES and like you AAFES may think it is irresponsible bidding, when it should be that we expect a level of consumer protection when dealing with a strictly AAFES web site... More individuals need to complain to get the contract serviced my a more responsible company


For those that bid on the tools...check Harbor Freight first. You can get the same item NEW and cheaper than at Military Exchange Auctions.

That's even if you are lucky enough to win a bid at a dollar (remember the outrageous shipping costs at MEA). Before you bid, check out your combined bid with the shipping costs.

Then do a quick Google search to see if you're really getting a deal. Bid smart folks...not on an impulse.


I bid on a few items with less than a 20-40 seconds left to closing time after constantly

refreshing the browser. But, the auctioneers keep on extending the closing time by 5 minutes.

Bunch of crooks. AAFES, please stop this fraudulent auction business.


Bought a laptop had problems from the beginning getting it up and running. Finally got it going and the $500+ Dell last 12months.Video card went out. Will never buy a computer from auction again.


Complete fraud. I bought a couple signed pieces and had one looked at for a fee of course to find out that it was not real.. Contacted the site and guess what NO REPLY>>


sucks, I wish I would have read this site before I bidded and won several hundred dollars worth of watches and jewelry. Bought alot of stuff for my wife for valentines day which is today. I guess I will find out when the items get here what they are really worth


Oh yes, big rip off Auction site. Worse part is that AAFES lets it go on.

Bought many things from site. All fake, mislisted, broke, or just plan junk. As for fake autographs....Contact the FBI.

It is nice we can leave a message. It's bad that AAFES don't read them.


Please AAFES stop this auction ! It is fraudulent and takes the Military people for a ride at expensive costs because we trust the AAFES name and what it stands for!!

Pease stop this!

I bought several items of jewelry total $1200.00 (compare at price) took them to TWO jewelers who said I'll give you $10.00.

I did not want to sell the items just get it appraised.What a rip off !! Please stop taking advantage of us.

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