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I ordered 3 black pair and 2 charcoal. The charcoal fit but the black do not even though they are all a small. The black pair are not the same material even though they are the same brand. The decription of the leggings are exactly the same. They are refusing to exchange them. I would have to reorder and pay the extra shipping. The lady i spoke with kept cutting me off when i was trying to explain the issue to her. This is my first online order... Read more

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Wwnt to by dog food because i ran out. Walmart was to far, realized after that i paid $20 for 35lbs of dog food when everywhere else ots 50lbs to 55lbs for $18 to $20. Supposed to be cheaper but in no way os it. Even bottled water is $3 more then off post. Read more

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Almost as expected, I received 65" 4K TV with broken screen. The return process is backed up six weeks minimum to review claim and return for the appropriate refund. AAFES could care less about this extended delay. Meanwhile, I'm SOL while they bank my cash for worthless junk taking space in my home. Basically I give them a assload of money, they give me junk and tell me to wait a couple months whether I like it or not. In the last year 100%... Read more

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Went to a local exchange in Bangor Maine and they have a big guy working there who is lazy and has no clue if you ask him a question he calls the warehouse guy out to help you and do everything. He just sits at a computer upfront bsing and looking at you tube. I don't get why a company would have him when the warehouse guy is doing all the work and busting *** while he sits and does nothing all day every time I'm in there. Read more

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Gas Prices at Langley are higher than any of the sister bases in the area - Fort Eustis, Oceana, Norfolk, Ft. Lee etc., and I would like ot know "why?" Price differences have exceeded .30 cents per gallon in some incidences and no less than .20 cents in all. Considering this is Aafes, one should reasonably expect to pay the same according to states. As well, if anyone can use their credit card to purchase gas WITHOUT showing an ID card, why... Read more

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Manager lady Aylin think she is super slick.... Made a complain..... Worst costumer service ever.... Add comment

New operating hours at the hickam exchange are totally unsat ! 10 - 6pm 7 days a week not everyone has an 0800 - 4pm work schedule. Then you come to the food court at 6pm and while you are eating they are sweeping and mopping the floor - with half the area blocked off - and you wonder why folks just close the doors - and you wonder why folks shop at the Pearl Harbor navy exchange Add comment

I am a retired military vet, I can't find a job for whatever the reason. My retirement pay is my only source of income. Aafees is garnishing 1/5 of my pay to pay my star card. If I was able to make the payments, I would, I am barely getting by as it is with no cost of living raise since...forever!! This is so wrong... Nice way to say "thank you for your service". Add comment

Bought a $500 computer on line and plugged it in the minute it arrived by Federal is defective. We have been told that the return process, which cannot include returning it to an exchange, will take two months. On an expensive item like this, especially, that is horrible customer service. I usually check Yelp and other review sites before spending this kind of money....boy did we learn a lesson. We purchased at the exchange... Read more

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Gas prices Langley AFB. GAS PRICES ARE SET AT $1.76 off base most are in the low 1.60 or less. Station manager adviseded prices are based on local survey. Was this sutvey in Alaska. Seems like rhere is some dead fish at AAFES. Please advise Add comment

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